Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Fact Check: ‘Aurangzeb’ Photo-Shopped Into The Picture Of Rahul Gandhi Filing The Nomination For The President Of Congress

Recently on various Twitter handles, a fake image is being shared. It shows a framed picture of ‘Aurangzeb’ behind Rahul Gandhi, while he was filing the nomination for the President of Congress, sitting along with senior congress leaders, on 4th December at All India Congress Committee (AICC) HQ, in New Delhi. NARRATIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA […]

Fact Check: Photo-shopped Text ‘420’ On A Football Jersey Held By PM Modi

Recently on various Twitter handles, a fake image is being shared. It shows PM Modi holding a football jersey displaying team number as ‘420’, implying that he is a cheat & a fraudster. जिसने यह टी शर्ट बनाया और नंबर चूज किया है उसे 121 तोपों की बेहतरीन सलामी !! सही टी शर्ट दिया है। […]

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Fact Check: Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) Contamination

Recently, few WhatsApp and Social Media messages created a panic in parents pan India. These messages were playing on the fears of parents by propagating misleading narrative. NARRATIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Other messages like: “Don’t give polio drops to children under 5 years” or Readers can also view the same tweet here: Similar messages lead […]

Did 56 women Died After Using Sanitary Pads?

A story doing the rounds on social media claims: 56 women died at a Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai because of sanitary pads such as Whisper, Stayfree, etc. The chemical used in ultra napkins, which converts liquid into gel, causes cancer in bladder and Uterus. However, the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India, has professed […]

Can Wearing a Black Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

After actress Sonali Bendre was diagnosed with cancer, several messages regarding cancer and how to avoid getting the disease, started circulating on WhatsApp. One such forward on breast cancer reads as below: This message has been widely circualted on all the social platforms, however Tata memorial Hospital has clarified that “Tata Memorial Hospital doesn’t circulate […]